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PC Game crashes entire PC


I have no idea what or how to effectively describe my situation so I really need help on this one.

While playing multiplayer with friends, my game would suddenly freeze and the audio would be buzzing similar to when you get a bluescreen and the audio begin to continuously autotune/buzz. As soon as my game freeze, I can't do anything. I can't alt-tab, go to task manager or anything. My friends told me that when it happened, I automatically disconnect from the server. I tried multiple solutions like verifying integrity of game files, running steam as an administrator, reinstalling the game, deleting my mods folder, moving the Terraria installation to a different drive, and updating my GPU. I tried looking for solutions online, but I haven't found anyone with similar problems as me, nor do I know what is wrong with my game as it doesn't give me an error message as well. I tested to see if the size of the world mattered and I crashed in both a small and a large world as well.

Terraria Settings:
Lighting: Color
Video frame skipping: Enabled
Fullscreen Resolution: 1920x1080
Borderless Windowed

Here are my specs:
CPU = amd fx(tm)-8350 eight-core processor 4.00 ghz
Memory = 8 g.b
GPU = Amd radeon r9 200 series
Motherboard = msi 970 gaming motherboard
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