Xbox One Game crashes?

Discussion in 'Console Technical Support' started by Bubby Aurora, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Bubby Aurora

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    Hello. Here i will be discussing multiple unsolved issues.

    Long ago, the first time I defeated the Wall of Flesh with two new friends (I found them using Looking for Group), apon entering the Underworld my game crashed. I looked over the disc later, and there were no fingerprints.

    Multiple times, my game has frozen apon attempting to enter the title screen apon:
    Defeating the Lunatic Cultist alone
    Defeating the Lunatic Cultist in split screen
    Defeating any single Lunar Tower alone
    Defeating multiple Lunar Towers alone
    Defeating The Twins alone

    Challenging the Moon Lord alone
    Challenging the Moon Lord in split screen

    When the issues happen, I have to sacrifice a small amount of progress (by shutting down the game and starting it back up) in order to be able to play again. Are there any resolutions to this?

    Also my iPad isn't blocking this part of the forum! Yay!
  2. r4v1n6

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    I don't experience freezes on the current Xbox One version, like you seem to be doing. Possibly that's because I play with Autosave turned off (I save manually instead). A long time ago I had issues on both PC and the 360 that I attributed to Autosave. And helping others here on the forum with their issues (corrupt saves mostly), I came to the conclusion that Autosave might not be safe to use.

    Btw please don't use the color red on the text, it's hard on the eyes.
  3. Bubby Aurora

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    Okay. Well I can't turn autosave off because I don't have my console.