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PS Vita Get all Pets !


Hello everyone, i started to play recently after a 3 years break, i need to get one last trophy wich is getting all pets, i miss two and i'm not sure what they are
I think it's The Zephyr Fish and the Eye Ressort, can anyone help me with this please ?
Have a nice day

Omega Derpling

The zephyr fish can be found by fishing in any body of water (it’s pretty rare though), and the Eye Spring is dropped by Eyezors during the solar eclipse event.


I know, but i've been trying for so long and i still can't get them, i'm not even sure the fish is available on Ps Vita since i've been fishing for hours, and i'm also stil waiting for a solar eclipse


Eater of Worlds
You best find things when not looking for them
Try doing angler quests, and maybe instead of getting a quest fish you will get a Zephyr fish.
Doesn't really help with solar eclipse tho, wish we had those solar tablet things.


Okay little update: I found the Eye Spring but i still can't get the Zephyr, found 3 of them and missed them all lol
I think i'm going crazy at this point
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