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Sprites Goblin Army Mob Rework!

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-cough- Hi

Goblin Army~Mob Rework
(and some tiny event reworks)

Let's just jump right into it shall we?



(insert sprite here)
Goblin Fort

A brand new element to the Goblin Army, depending on what status
message you get when the Goblin Army is about to start:
""A Goblin Army is approaching from the [east/west]!"

A Goblin Fort will spawn in whatever direction the status message says, obviously
the Fort spawning in the east if the message says east vice versa.

The Goblin Fort will spawn as an enemy that looks like a large log cabin with
Goblin Army emblems and banners hung from it's walls. The structure is high and wide
enough that you can't jump over it without taking damage even with Cloud In A Bottle. It will have
a log gate gate that slides up and down, whenever the gate slides down, Goblins in this order will file out:

x5 Goblin Peons
x3 Goblin Thieves
x2 Goblin Warriors
x2 Goblin Archers

They will come out at one-second intervals between each walking out. Just because mobs come
out of the Fort doesn't mean that they can't spawn naturally in any direction

as per the current mechanics.

The Fort will also have Goblin Archers that are peering through murder holes
off the sides, periodically shooting arrows to those who get too close for comfort.

The Fort will have 1,500 HP in base Normal Mode, is completely stationary, and will drop a large number of
Coins/ Spiky Balls.

Having the Fort stationary will also be a huge hint for the player to
use the Spiky Balls from Goblins to lay down on the Fort doing massive damage!


(insert sprite here)
Goblin Crier

Brand new mob alert! This guy's job is to walk slow, and signal the opening/closing
of the Goblin Fort's gate! Whenever he blows his Vuvuzela (think of those ram horns people use to signal attacks) the
gate of the Fort will open and the mobs as stated above will walk out in a neat and orderly fashion until they
are all out and the gate will close behind them. The Crier will only use his horn once every 30 seconds, and are uncommon spawns
just like the Goblin Summoner. (the only difference being that each Goblin Army starts with one Fort and one Crier)

The Goblin Crier will have 200 HP and will walk as slow as a Goblin Warrior.
(sprite coming soon)

It will also drop a Goblin's Vuvuzela, which is a brand new summoning item that will
spawn Goblin Minions. That will be explained in more detail later.

Mob Changes


Goblin Thief

Surprise! The Thief is now able to actually steal things!
If you have any money on you when you die to one, you will drop 100% of it,
the Thief also has no limit as to how much money it can carry
at any given time, meaning you should really consider catching and killing
these buggers before they take all your hard-earned moola!
The funniest thing is they aren't even stealing from you, just
their dead friends who seemingly dropped their coin purses on death :D


Goblin Warrior

Will now swing his sword at you in Expert Mode dealing ~50% more damage, similar to an Armed Zombie.
(38 Damage Avg. instead of 25 Contact Damage Avg.)



(insert sprite here)
Goblin's Vuvuzela

Damage: 11 (Summon)
Knockback: 5 (Weak Knockback)
Mana: 10
Use Time: 36 (Very Slow)
Velocity: 10
Tooltip: Summons Goblins to fight for you

Sell: 60

Grants Buff:
Buff Tooltip: The goblins will fight for you

What this item will do is summon little chibi goblins to fight for you, much like the Pirate Staff how it summons
multiple baby pirates. The difference is that each summon will cycle through a different
class of
Goblin, the goblins are all gravity bound and walk on the floor. Here are the summon outcomes:

Upon First Swing: Summons a Chibi Goblin Warrior, will have a identical AI as the
Pirate Staff and try to run up and smack enemies.
These attacks will deal 50% more than base damage (17 avg.).

Upon Second Swing: Summons a Chibi Goblin Archer, they will stay still and fire
at surrounding enemies much like it's fully-grown counterpart.
These attacks will deal ~25% more than base damage (14 avg.).

Upon Third and Final Swing: Summons a Chibi Goblin Sorcerer, they will stay still and fire
at surrounding enemies much like it's fully-grown counterpart, the only difference being the projectiles
will go through walls, lighting up the path along the way, these projectiles pierce infinitely and are fired slowly.
These attacks will deal base damage (11 avg.).

After the third swing, the cycle will start anew and the Chibi Goblin Warrior will be summoned again.
If you only have one Minion Slot available at your disposal, you will be able to cycle
through the classes by swinging the summon weapon again and again.
If you have multiple Minion Slots (take for example three Minion Slots):

-swing summoning weapon-
First Minion: Warrior
-swing again-
Second Minion: Archer
-swing again-
Third Minion: Sorcerer
-swing again-
First Minion: Archer
-swing again-
Second Minion: Sorcerer
-swing again-
Third Minion: Warrior

This way, it will be impossible for you to summon multiples of the same Goblin, for example having multiple
Sorcerer's might be way too beneficial when it comes to discovering new areas in caves or too many
Warriors might be able to easily overpower Fighter AI's with their knock-back.

WHEW Okay I think I got everything, I'll be adding sprites to this and possibly redoing the sprites for the Goblins as well!
:D Stay tuned and thanks for reading! :D



You probably shouldnt put the "sprites" flair unless you have actual sprites. Otherwise, good suggestion.
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You probably shouldnt put the "sprites" flair unless you have actual sprites. Otherwise, good suggestion.
Well the actual sprites for it aren't actually made yet (like I stated in my post that's what the Marble block filler was for), I know this post is rather dated but I am still planning on making sprites for this.
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