Got a question about me or Terraria?

Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
I will answer quite literally any question you give me. Even if it goes against what you normal person would consider normal, I am an idiot that has no sense or really even care for TMI. Shoot away.
(Fell free to ask my rp characters questions as well.)
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I said I was A Night Fury. Not THE. And By Ligh Fury your referring to the one in the movie. Well yes... Shes my like what... My great great great great grandmother. Think I forgot a few greats but yes.
If there Exist a Light Fury and Night Fury, do there exist a Flight Fury, Might Fury, Fright Fury and Sight Fury? (And the console exclusive: Blight Fury)
Oops, sorry for not answering earlier. I don't get the notification until now.

What I meant is the "loud" one. You reply with a full capital, it is like you're shouting loud, but we're here just typing, so it is not loud at all. Sorry for the confusion.
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