Got a question about me or Terraria?

over wire? like... what? Elaborate. like... all communication in general or just har wired communications like a wired phone or?
Dargon: *Roar*
Hooman: I will be scared for sure. and I would try to reach my Walmart and make a base or something in one of the million food aisles. however is it was a global event then power production would probable fail after a few days. unless my local Walmart recieves power from a Nuclear reactor in which it will last a few years before failing.
That... an odd question but ok...
Well the armor itself doesnt actually have a hover ability. for that you could use things like a magic carpet or wings. the Vortex armor slows you down but gives you better range weapon ability and decreases how much enemies attack you.

Also, if you need answers to questions like these then try searching it first, then try searching it on the site I linked, and if all else fails. im sure that there is a place somewhere on the forums for this. not an AMA. I dont mind the question but this is more of a Q&A About me. like what is your favorite color or armor.
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