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Gravity Globe modifiation

Is this a good idea

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I believe that the gravity globe should disable fall damage for the user due to the globe granting a form of gravity control.


(While this may not seem useful due to wings canceling out fall damage the globe always seemed like a waste of an accessory to me and I feel that this might prompt others to want to use it on a larger basis.)


This would at least give the Gravity Globe another unique trait compared to the Gravity Potion, and it's a justifiable change since it's supposed to be a post-Expert Moon Lord reward.

I can support this.

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
I think that this would be a good modification to the Gravity Globe, but it could use a few more too. Maybe just cuz nitrile like a Gravity Potion? Otherwise, support!

Lord Garak

I'm curious about the different gravity settings.

What did you have in mind for that one?
No gravity, different variances of low gravity, etc. Perhaps you could place the globe and use it to toggle globally to effect everything instead of just the player. We already know this could work due to the gravity reductions from featherfall potions and being at a high elevation.


Perhaps it could swap between the accessory in your inventory (a buffed version of it)
and the placed version you suggest?

(This has been done before, music boxes)

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In the way of "Change mid air"
do you mean stuff like turning from a 180 to a 90 degree angle? (Running up walls and such)
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