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Grenades as Bait


From time to time I wonder why there's no way to harm enemies using the Fishing Rod or a Fishing Rod-like functioning item. It would be fun laying out dynamic traps which you can reposition without too much effort.

So instead of proposing any new weapons, crafting recipes or anything, I suggest that grenades could be used as ammo for Fishing Rods.

There'd be a visual indicator if you are throwing a rod with grenade attached. The little thing at the tip of the line (whatever its name is) would just be replaced with a grenade sprite.

They'll still explode the same like if they're not used in conjunction with a fishing rod. Explode after the same time, etc.

You won't be able to fish using them, as the grenade will sink to the ocean floor and still explode after a while.
You CAN, however, throw them out to the floor below or above of you and reel them in to perform some sick combos, as they can hit enemies on their way back to you. When you reel them in, the explosion timer is stopped and the grenade is guaranteed to get back to you, as long as it doesn't hit an enemy.

Or if you miss a throw - just reel the grenade back in and try again! I can imagine this to be quite fun.

Not much of a big suggestion, but something I think would be a lot of fun playing around. What do you think?


Empress of Light
Well, we can always have grenade fishing, still.

Or just explosives fishing in general.


Duke Fishron
......i support this idea both for amusement, and because i want to see if it would ever get accepted for actual fishing bait...because hillbilly fishing in the movies looks fking hilarious!
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