Guide to Plant Preservation (A Guide To Critter Companionship for grass, vines, ect.)


(I'm not entirely sure if this idea belongs here or under Blocks & Decorations.)

I've accidentally destroyed so many lake plants and vines hanging from living trees with my Imp Staff and Starfury. I know lillypads and reeds grow back eventually, but they're so beautiful it's almost depressing to see them destroyed. Living tree vines are worse because I know they won't grow back. My idea is something like Guide To Critter Companionship for plants that's sold by the Dryad.


Adding onto this, turn both of these guides into a consumable item instead of having them take up an inventory slot. When consumed, you can disable and enable their effects at any time to the left of your inventory like the ruler or the Torch God's Favor. This will make inventory management less cluttered with these items that many people use anyway, and it'll help with situations where you may not want to have the effects of the guide to clear out some vines or kill a creature (for example, putting the critter guide up is annoying when you have to kill a Prismatic Lacewing to summon the Empress of Light).


Yes to both of these! I want to be able to pass through the world without leaving a mown swath in my wake, even if I'm attacked!
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