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Hallo again everyone 8D

Guess who finally decided to move sites because a lot of the modders i followed moved here, and its mostly dead over on TO anyway, aside from the handful of die hards that stick to like glue....
ME! I did 8D
Hi dare 8D
I am new...ish...ly.... oldish...new...
My account smells like that freshly unwrapped plastic smell that smells disgusting, but you take it in anyway because it smells like new.
Unfortunately ive already unwrapped it, and thus its lost all value and collectors everywhere are ragequitting because of it. BUT THATS OK
cause im here. so hi. -puts down caffeine-


Staff member
hello! I also said hello on your profile, but whatever.
Welcome to the promised land. I.e. the land with no spambots.
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