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Planter Boxes and Hanging Herbs are one of my favorite ways to add plant life inside my NPC houses. The only problem is that every biome has a corresponding Planter Box and Hanging Herb except the Hallow (and the Glowing Mushroom biome). That's why I would like to suggest adding Hallow Daybloom Planter Boxes purchased from the Dryad in Hardmode and Hanging Hallow Daybloom Pots crafted with a Hanging Pot, a Daybloom, and a Hallow Seed.

Along with the addition of these items, I think each type of Planter Box should grow plants that match their biome. Right now, every Planter Box grows green grass and flowers which looks weird with some of the Planter Boxes. So what I'm proposing is that Daybloom and Blinkroot Planter Boxes should grow normal grass and flowers, Waterleaf Planter Boxes should grow sea oats and oasis plants, Shiverhtorn Planter Boxes should grow white and blue flowers, Moonglow Planter Boxes should grow Jungle plants, Deathweed Planter Boxes should grow Corruption/Crimson grass, Fireblossom Planter Boxes should grow Ash grass, and the new Hallow Daybloom Planter Boxes should grow Hallow grass and flowers.​
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