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PC Halloween In August! (Free costumes)

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Laluzi, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    Last night I swapped the date on my PC and farmed goodie bags for a particular set. And I'll continue to do that for a while yet, because I need more copies than the one I got. Though other sets I got plenty of - so much so that I had to start throwing them away for lack of space, and that's not something I ever want to do.

    But if I don't have a use for them, the internet at large might, so here's what I've got in stock.

    Space Creature Set x1 (Actually 1.66, one set is missing the pants.)
    Fox Set x2
    Wolf Set x4 (4.66, one set is missing pants.)
    Cat Set x1
    Pumpkin Set x2
    Karate Tortoise Set x2
    Ghost Set x4
    Witch Set x2
    Robot Set x3
    Creeper Set x2
    Reaper Set x1
    Pixie Set x1
    Unicorn Mask x3
    Cat Ears x1

    And for the other things the bags drop:

    Bat Hook x1
    Unlucky Yarn x1
    Blood Moon Countess x2
    Jacking Skeletron
    And 485 rotten eggs, for that NPC who really needs to die so you can take his hat or something.

    Let me know what you want! You're welcome to ask for multiple items, but please don't ask for everything - just keep requests within reason and I'll hook you up.
  2. GrimWither_Is_Pro

    GrimWither_Is_Pro Terrarian

    oh much for the reaper