Other Heath's Suggestions


  1. Toggle monoliths in the inventory: this is mainly useful if you have a monolith in your vanity and don't wanna remove it and place it in your inventory, you can just toggle it.
  2. Half blocks trigger Biome Mimics and Nymphs, this one is super niche but would be really nice. Currently half blocks only affect basic Mimics.
  3. Binoculars as an accessory, I feel like having the binocs being able to be equipped and you can toggle them like scopes would be very useful and preferred over their current use.
  4. Undo reroll, if you pass by a reroll you can undo it instead of waiting to get the roll again
  5. Left click swaps any ammo slot with top ammo slot
  6. Geodes can be auto fired
  7. Ropes and rope like blocks can be destroyed all at once easier
  8. Increase cake buff time
  9. Ropes break moss
  10. Summon rope snake sideways
  11. Wings say their flight time on them, so many people ask in the discord what wings are better, this would be much easier if the wings just said which is better. This goes for hooks too.
  12. More keybinds, the amount of keybinds in this game is not enough. For people on PC at least give use more, being able to quick turn off all buffs would be really useful, especially since the buff limit was increased.
  13. Speaking of limits remove the cap off of mannequins, I don't mind if I have to craft an upgraded version as long as it can have 7 slots.
  14. Less things that are only accessible by the wiki
  15. You can shimmer lesser healing pots, I really don't see any reason why this would be broken. Just add it.
  16. Favorite items in the journey mode menu, I don't know if this would only apply to me or not, but I would really appreciate it if I could sticky my most used journey items to the top of the menu somehow.
  17. Bubble wand affected by melee speed
  18. Items such as Guide to Environmental Preservation can be toggled inside the Void Bag
  19. Set Bonus' being able to be toggled on/off and being visible in the vanity slot.
  20. More critters in cages being graphics and not sprites. For example: the Prismatic Lacewing in a jar, the lacewing is a graphic meaning if you echo coat the jar you'll be left with the lacewing. I would like this with other critters as well.
  21. Echo Coating should affect mannequins
  22. Vanity Making Suggestions
  23. Illuminant Dye
  24. Basic Ninja Gear
  25. Wing Hover 1mph Slower
  26. Fix Martian Platforms
  27. My Shimmer Transmutation List
  28. Arachnophobia Accessibility Options
  29. Update Cerebral Mindtrick debuff tooltip
  30. Echo Coating affects dummies
  31. Wolf Mount wears hat
  32. Non-Reflective Dyes
  33. Pirate Staff Rework
  34. Zombie Apocalypse Seed
  35. Gas Vents
  36. Lizard Icon Update
  37. Remote
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Since pickaxes, axes and fishing rods show their strength, why shouldn't wings and hooks do? this is a good question
More descriptive tooltips could be very helpful such as: Blessed Apple "Summons a fast rideable unicorn mount" vs Hardly Saddle: "Summons a slow rideable Turtle mount"
Here’s a QOL suggestion that should already be in the game:
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