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Hello... I exist, and have some noob questions.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Darkstar01, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    Oh.. hi. So, uh... I'm bad at introductions, especially the first three sentences, or so. But now that I've subverted that requirement, let's go on to the body paragraph. :naughty:

    I like:
    • Video games, especially Terraria. I mean, um, RPGs, and action games, and... Terraria. ;)
    • Anime and manga, though I haven't viewed much of it lately.
    • Touhou, despite never having actually played it. If you don't know what I mean, then forget I said that.
    • Science, including Terraria science.
    I dislike, uh... what's something inoffensive to dislike... grapefruit juice?
    I also have very lukewarm feelings for
    That one might cause some riots...

    Now, for the questions:
    1. If I'm making an adventure map, but I'm mostly done, do I put something about it in the Work-In-Progress area, or just wait until I'm done and release it in full?
    2. What rules (if any) are there about necro-posting (i.e. posting in very old threads)?
    3. What's the difference between an 'adventure' map and a 'survival' map?
    4. There's a 'guide' section, but is it appropriate to repost Steam guides for Terraria there, or do I link that in my profile, or something?
    5. When it says 'points' on my profile, does that mean warning points?
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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  2. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    I'll answer 2. for you. You can necro a thread IF your post adds content to said discussion
  3. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    1. You can post one thread now for the WIP version and one later for the full version.
    2. What Eli said.
    3. Adventure maps are sort of story based, without mining and stuff, adventure maps are story based and the player is usually guided around? It's fairly self-explanatory.
    4. You could repost steam guides to the guide section. At least as long as they're yours.
  4. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    But what about a map that involves a limited amount of mining, and also has a plot, along with a few puzzles? Would I just say that the story is dominant between these, and call it an adventure map? It's like one of those things where there are bits of plot sprinkled about, and you kind of have to piece it together.

    Oh, and I just added this to the OP, too: does the 'points' next to my profile mean warning points, or is it something else?
  5. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Just use your best judgement? I don't know? Is it about survival or adventure?

    Anyways you don't have any warning points it'll say if you do.
  6. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    Okay, thanks.
  7. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune Pixel Privateer

    Welcome to the rice fields
  8. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @Darkstar01, welcome to the forums. ~:)

    A clarification for the WIP/Released question. It's preferred that the WIP thread be updated and moved into the Released section rather than starting a new Released thread.
  9. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian


    I have another question now: How does watching threads work, exactly? It seems that every thread I post in is automatically watched. IS there a way that I can elect to see only posts that reply to or quote me in a given thread, rather than receive an alert for all posts?

    Make that two: If I'm posting a guide, how do I create in-guide links within the table of contents? That is, links to other part of the same guide.
  10. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Here is where you can set your preference for whether you want to automatically "watch" threads.

    This is another good spot to adjust your preferences for alerts:

    You can get to both of the above by clicking on your own name at the top right, then choosing one of the options.

    For threads that you are already "watching" you can check on them by clicking "Watched Threads" near the top of the page, underneath Home | Forums | Members. It will show you any unread threads you are watching, and then by clicking "Show All Watched Threads" you can see what you are currently signed up to watch. By going into the thread you then have the option to "Unwatch thread".

    For creating a "bookmark" or "anchor" within a thread, I suggest reading through the Post Formatting section here (scroll down until you see Anchors)

    You might be interested to flip through the Community User Guide for more tips and tricks, although you are always welcome to ask if you need help finding something. `:)
  11. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    Thanks again. Just one last question, I added it to my previous post, but I guess that must have been after you responded, so you wouldn't have seen it:
    If I'm posting a guide, how do I create in-guide links within the table of contents? That is, links to other part of the same guide.
  12. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Use the ANCHOR and GOTO bbcodes.

  13. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    I've mostly figured this out, but I'm having a strange issue. In my guide I have this exactly:
    [SPOILER="Table of Contents"]
    [*][goto=General Prep]General Preparations[/goto]
    [*][goto="Super Tank"]Strategy 1: Super Tank (Melee)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Head to Tail"]Strategy 2: Head to Tail (Ranged, Magic)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Ricochet Chamber"]Strategy 3: Ricochet Chamber (Magic, Ranged)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Petal Storm"]Strategy 4: Petal Storm (Any Class)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Bird-Eater Spider]Strategy 5: Bird-Eater Spider (Summoner)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Gold Standard"]Strategy 6: The Gold Standard (Ranger)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Platinum Standard"]Strategy 7: The Platinum Standard (Any Class)[/goto]
    [*][goto="DPS comparison"]Rough DPS Comparisons for Strategy #7[/goto]
    [*][goto="Dairy Standard"]Strategy 8: The Dairy Standard (No Class)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Worthy Foe"]Strategy 9: A Worthy Foe (Throwing)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Wiring Strats"]Bonus: Mechanical Strategies for a Mechanical Boss (Mechanic)[/goto]
    [*][goto="Final Words"]Final Words[/goto]
    Along with respective anchors for each, and all of them work, except for 'Bird-Eater Spider', which doesn't even appear. When I remove the 'goto' tags around it, it reappears, but of course it can't link to anything like that. Any idea why that might be happening?
  14. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You need quotes after Spider. It's missing the end quote. "Bird-Eater Spider

  15. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    Ah! It was between that and me putting { } instead of [ ], since I retyped that more than once and it didn't work before. So I added the quotes and it didn't work, and then I realized I had used } instead of ], and when I fixed that, then it worked.

    Thanks for the help. Hopefully I've got everything figured out now.
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