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Hello!!, just a new member


Official Terrarian
Welcome to our mildly dysfunctional terraria family!
hahaha, thanks! :dryadgrin:

New members get smacked in da face by me! Lol jk. Welcome to teh forumz.
Thanks!... I was about to say that my face was ready :dryadcry:

I'm not an old member to give something like a welcoming, but anyway, bienvenida, actually came here because it was the first thread at "recent threads"
Thank you!, veo que sos de chile :dryadeek: no importa que seas nuevo se aprecia el gesto :dryadhappy:


Official Terrarian
Welcome Mr. Sir Banana! Even though I've only been here for a week or two. Don't mind that though! I'm totally an important person! Especially for welcoming people! No?

:indifferent:Please accept me? I'm not the most interesting person in the world... but at least I'm not a sloth who slowly answers "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo." to every question...

:(You're hurting my feelings! I wish I'd never talked to you in the first place!

:(Ok then, I'll just go cry in 2 corners at the same time, because the distance between them is only 1 meter or so, and they're basically close enough that I can be in both at the same time so don't ask about it, because I don't understand the laws of Chemistry.
Hey! you make me feel bad, don't go to cry to the corner... that's my corner!

hahaha thanks for the welcome :dryadgrin:


Official Terrarian
I only would have to pee if I consumed too much liquid, just like humans. Basically, my water would just go spilling over the edge. Talk about unsanitary.
You should stop consuming liquids, it's unnecessary since even when you're upside down you never empty yourself.. ok this turned into a weird conversation :dryadeek:
That's because I know what will happen if I don't. The mods are on their last nerve with me.
What did you do?, you seem like a nice person to me :dryadgrin:
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