Hello to any one that can help


I have been playing for many years now, so I am no where near a newby, but have encountered a problem I can not resolve. I had things set just as I wanted them, my resolution was such that I had a big field of view, yet my inventory box and mini map were large enough that I could easily read them and interact. Recently, during a Cthulhu fight, I started to lose (uncharacteristically) and got a little panicky, during which I somehow hit a key or combination of keys that made my inventory box, mini map, (basically everything except the screen view itself) much too small to read. NPC chat boxes and even the bar to the right containing NPCs and accessories, everything became too small. In searching this forum the only solution suggested was a change in resolution, which I don't see how I could have changed that since you have to bring up settings. But, I tried it any way and no setting gives me my original view. If the boxes are big enough to be read, they are distorted without good detail and the screen view does not show enough. Increasing resolution gives better field of view and a sharper picture, but makes all of the 'boxes' too small.
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