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I have been playing Terraria for a while now, so I figured it was about time I made an account here. I started playing Terraria about 1 or 2 months after I got my Xbox 360, in 2013, for Christmas. I played for a long time, and sadly when the 1.2 update came, my world had a gigantic hole where my base/spawn used to be. I made a new world later on and I pretty much completed like 85-95% of pre-hardmode. I just didn't think I could defeat the Wall of Flesh. I also play Terraria on my kindle, though I haven't made much progress on it. It's lucky I got the PS4 and XB1 since they got the 1.3 update. I played Terraria on the PC last year to give the new update a try - I had thought it was a bad update - and was amazed, I think I even defeated the Eye of Cthulhu. But after maybe a month, the computer restarted, so I had to buy the game again. Luckily though, I have completed more than I ever thought I would. As of right now, a few days ago I got my first ever chlorophyte ore. I would've kept playing 1.2 on the XB360, but someone hacked my account and I lost all my progress. Thankfully, I had another player account on the Xbox 360, so I still have a bit of progress. So that's my history with Terraria.

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Official Terrarian
hello thatcrazeykid! heres a tip on how to defeat the wall of flesh: get the bee gun, jungle armor, then spam the bee gun against the wall of flesh (it worked for me on the 3ds version) Just in case you wanna kill the wall of flesh for more drops.
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