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[Help?] Lava Textures


Hey everyone, I'm in the process of making a custom Terraria texture pack. One thing I am currently trying to do is transform the Underworld into a mostly black and white void. I've elected to make ash blocks black and all the lava and fire stuff white. However, I am running into an issue with lava (seen below.) I have resprited the files: Water_1, Waterfall_1, Liquid_1, and LiquidSlope_1. Some of them work such as the small white corners being the "LiquidSlope" or the flow being pulled from "Waterfall," however the main texture of still lava has not changed. I've taken some looks through the files and I can't figured out which texture is for this still lava. Can anyone help point me towards which files I need to change?
Capture 2020-08-14 10_47_43.png

(Also, I believe this is the right place to ask for help like this, sorry if I'm in the wrong forum!)
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