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I got terraria for Christmas and have been having lots of fun playing. Recently i have entered hard mode and i need help in stopping biome spreading. Before hard mode i made a 6 block wide tunnel around all of my corruption biomes but somehow it has managed to spread into my ice biome. Should I ditch my world? I really want to make my first play through a long and good one and don't want my whole world to become corrupted but it already seems out of control if it spread to my ice biome.

Greystillbrynns III

Skeletron Prime
well it didn't manage to spread, both hallowed, and world evil get summoned in a v shape when entering hardmode(one world evil and other hallowed for better clarification) so it isn't out of control much, but I would have to say get good gear and stuff, and then fight one of the 3 mechs, so you can get the clentaminator(costs 2 platinum if neutral) and get green solution, and use it all around the corruption can get rid of it but won't stop it from spreading.
really i would say from a far enough distsance from your base dig a hole 6 blocks wide on both sides so it doesn't spread to your base completely


Official Terrarian
A good start is protecting your spawn base, one way to do so is to go to the Dryad and buy several of the blue seeds she should be selling now, and 2 bombs, also get some wood or clay blocks. Use one bomb on each side of your base (a slight distance away from your buildings) and then fill the holes with the wood or clay blocks. Afterwards, use your pickaxe on several grass blocks (only tap each grass block once) and place the blue seeds in the dirt to make the base a hallowed biome, which corruption can't spread into. (The enemies can be a bit tough, but I'd say it's not too bad, and you do get a safe base in return for somewhat annoying enemies) This is a trick I always use at the start of hardmode, and it's a trick I often recommend :)
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