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I have noticed some of the quest fish are not in the expert fisherman's shop like the Moses fish there were some other but can't remember
I know this is a dumb question but would this mod still work with the newest version of tMod, it shows its been 4 months ago since the latest update
Had an update for this mod just sitting there for a while.
v0.1.4 adds:
- you can now buy things earlier in progression
- Hunter sells ammo
- Some other smaller items added to various shops
this mod is a lifesaver. I really like to mass build things, but struggle immensely in acquiring some items like metal ingots.

particularly, iron being used on everything from chests to minecarts to furniture, to even accessories and consumables.

it is also a great coin sink.
New update!
- Hunter sells more items requiring him to now have a change shop option
- Changed two npc names: Fisherman and Environmentalist
- Environmentalist (Used to be Botanist) now sells critters and nature's gift
- Added Census support
There is an error, this NPC are not respawning
[doublepost=1561330142,1561330099][/doublepost]Your NPC are not respawning
[doublepost=1561330637][/doublepost]Forget it, they are respawning
This mod has been a huge boon to me. Saves me a lot of time that would otherwise be spent waiting around for things to grow, or weather patterns to spawn.
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