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PC Hook of Dissonance doesn't teleport


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
If you use a Hook of Dissonance in a way that the player can't fit trough the gap (similar to the setup below) , the hook will land , but will not teleport you (this is probably intentional) .
But even if you break the block(s) that were in your way , the player will be pulled to the player (just like with any other grappling hook ) instead of teleporting the player , which is what the Hook of Dissonance should do .


The True Destroyer

The Destroyer
It's intentional, as far as I can tell from wiki reading. If you think about it, the Hook of Dissonance is essentially just a normal hook with instant pull speed, nothing more. If you fire through a gap that the player doesn't fit through, you are teleported up against the gap, just like a normal hook would pull you that far.


The Destroyer
As the true destroyer said it still acts like a normal hook, except it teleports you instead of bringing you to it, so if there was i 2 block gap and you used the hook of dissordance to teleport through it, it won’t work, it may bring you into the block if it’s sloped or I feel you get the angle right(if this is true for normal hooks.)
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