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PC Hosting an Expert mode Thorium (w/other mods) Terraria playthrough!

Discussion in 'PC Quick Hookup' started by Φ | Ðare, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Φ | Ðare

    Φ | Ðare Terrarian

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  2. Perpetuum mobile

    Perpetuum mobile Steampunker

    I reeeeeeally like to join u, that Sounds like a lot of fun. Do u want to start naked(absolutely no equip, new story, new map, etc.)? Or taking some equip with u from before? Any cosmetic order? Like all wearing the same vanity or a group with similar looks :D lets share ur taughts and in wich way ur thinking or ur planning to do things. Lemme know ;D
  3. ANCsemi

    ANCsemi Terrarian

    Whoaa! Looks super fun! I've been looking to get back in, but I've never played with mods before :O
  4. Φ | Ðare

    Φ | Ðare Terrarian

    I'm glad you brought that up! Vanity choices and etc would be something I'm very interested in discussing! Feel free to add me on discord or steam and let's chat :)
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    Yeah should be a blast!