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Wavebank Hotline Miami Wavebank



I'd like to share my very own wavebank with you. A couple of days ago I while listening to the Hotline Miami 2 main menu theme I thought about how cool it would be to hear the song in Terraria. Ultimately, it didn't make it in, but I think for the most part every track makes sense and it's not even that out of place as you'd think, as there are a couple of chill tracks for exploring, but in my opinion it really shines in boss battles and hectic events. Without further ado, here's the tracklist and download link:

1: Night - Around
2: Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) - We're Sorry
3: Overworld Day - Hotline Theme
4: Boss 1 (King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron // Skeletron Prime, Duke Fishron) - Musikk per automatikk
5: Title Screen - Horse Steppin
6: Jungle - Rust
7: Corruption - Chamber of Reflections
8: Hallow - Deep Cover
9: Underground Corruption - Delay
10: Underground Hallow - Fahkeet
11: Boss 2 (Wall of Flesh // The Twins) - Decade Dance
12: Underground - Bloodline
13: Boss 3 (Brain of Cthulhu // The Destroyer, Frost Legion) - Sexualizer
14: Snow - Blizzard
15: Space - The Way Home
16: Crimson - Remorse
17: Boss 4 (Golem) - She Swallowed Burning Coals
18: Overworld Day [alternate] - Dust
19: Rain - Daisuke
20: Ice - Miss Minnie
21: Desert - Electric Dreams
22: Ocean - Hotline Theme
23: Dungeon - NARC
24: Plantera - Run
25: Boss 5 (Queen Bee) - Future Club
26: Temple - The Rumble
27: Solar Eclipse - Le Perv
28: [rain SFX] - https://freesound.org/people/FlatHill/sounds/237729/
29: Mushroom - Guided Meditation
30: Pumpkin Moon - Silver Lights
31: Underground [alternate] - The Abyss
32: Frost Moon - Knock Knock
33: Underground Crimson - Richard
34: Lunar Event - In the Face of Evil
35: Pirate Invasion - Divide
36: Hell - Quixotic
37: Martian Madness - Acid Spit
38: Final Boss (Moon Lord) - Turf Main
39: Goblin Event - New Wave Hookers
40: Sandstorm - Quixotic
41: Old One's Army - Roller Mobster

(as you may notice, Quixotic is on there twice, I was too lazy to fix it and I hate the desert anyways)

DL: https://mega.nz/#!AIgwHZqa!_uT0PkN5qHOLPmRolBzzXVGZNnW-LWCMZHz5Iv7iINs

Hope you enjoy it.

If you have any suggestions, hit my line or DM me.

I own none of these songs, if any copyright holders have a problem with the wavebank contact me and I'll take it down
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