How can I run Terraria on standalone?

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  1. Samrux

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    I heard of a user whose Terraria experience was greatly enhanced after ralizing that Steam had been causing him great framerate issues for a long time. Apparently, not even removing the Steam overlay (shift+tab) had given him the boost he finally got after buying Terraria on Gog.

    I'm tired of lag spikes, half the framerate during rain, and trippy lighting mode. I want to try running Terraria alone, without Steam on the background.

    I'm out of town now, so I can't try anything out by myself just yet. How can I achieve that? I guess I can just download a pirated version and have it parallel to Steam's (I own the game legally, anyways) but that's a hassle. I'd like the run the game from the same files Steam uses.

    Thank you.
  2. layman9

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    Its your computer, not Steam.
  3. Azu

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    Acordding to this, Steam does cause issues, as a player who had lag didn't after getting GoG version.
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  4. layman9

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    Then go offline.
  5. Azu

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    Going offline would not help.
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  6. DerpyMustache

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    It's the exact opposite for me, I had a standalone version for a long time, had to use 2 gameboosters to play, bought it on steam, instant 60 fps.
    This is windows XP mind you.