How to become not a noob

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(I beat the game so i can talk about this)
This may seem boring but this is what i do every time

Well their are manny steps but im preaty shure you know the basics. Ex. Getting wood, building a ton of houses, mineing a lot of iron, smelting the iron into bars, makeing tools and armor. (If you allready do this uou are not a noob)

so now im getting into the real steps.
1. Go on an expidition for gold/platinum
2. While on that expidition look for chests and heart crystals
3. If you have not found the magic mirror find it
4. With your magic miror or recal potions tp home and craft gold armor and swords
5. Get potions of healing
6.fight the bosses. (I recomend fighting them in this order. Eye of chthulu, brain/destroyer
7.make demanite bars from the boss drops
8. Use ether shadow scales or brain tissue to craft the armor depending on your world
9. Fight skeletron
10. Explore the dungeon
11. Free the mechanic
12. Mine a meteroite
13. Make a hellavator (its just digging straight down)
14. place blocks on the floor to make a safer platform place campfires on those blocks
15.fight voodo demons till you have at least 5 voodo dolls.
16. Go to the end of the underworld
17 summon the wall if flesh and fight him with ranged and mele weapons.
Reapeat step 17 if you lose

Congadulations you are no longer a terreria noob
But there are some orthography mistakes haha lol XD, no, just kidding.

Already knew that!
1. Get a grappling hook. Rush to the dungeon and get a water bolt. If you didn’t find one make a new world and use your hook to rush the dungeon again. Make sure to get as much mana as possible.
2. Go on an expedition underground and continue until you find five heart crystals, hermes boots, and a cloud in a bottle.
3. If you have not found the magic mirror just make some recall potions. Find some bombs.
4. Rush into the crimson. Break three crimson hearts and shred the boss. If your world is corruption just make a new one.
5. Make Crimson armor and a deathbringer pickaxe. from the materials the brain gave you.
6. Wait for the goblin army so you can make the tinkerer show up later (optional)
7. Rush the jungle, and take any materials you find there. They can help, but they’re not important. What’s important is that you find a hive and kill a queen bee (which should be easy with crimson armor and a water bolt.)
8. Buy two stacks of dynamite and blow a hole down to hell with them (optional, you could opt for just journeying down without a hellavator if you wish)
9. Make a water walking potion, it will replace your wall of flesh arena.
10. Find a voodoo doll, drink your potion, and use the beenades from the queen bee to kill that wall!
This isn’t the whole game. This is just prehardmode.
I’ve shortened the guide down to the important bits in my quote.
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