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How to change the resolution to zoom out further?


I feel like I can’t see enough on the screen even when the zoom in general settings is a low as it goes. I noticed some youtubers have their screens super zoomed out and can see twice as much as I can. I’ve heard you can change the resolution to see more but I don’t know how. My windows 10 laptop has a native resolution of 1920x1080. If someone could help me out that would be so amazing. Thank you!
As far as I know, screen resolution does not affect how far you see in the game. The view of the player will always be proportionate to the resolution of the screen, as default. However, theres a loophole. I assume that 1920x1080 is the maximum resolution for your monitor, but if you got a monitor that has a higher resolution, it'll allow you to zoom out further in the game settings. However, this requires buying a completely new, potentially larger monitor. You can probably download a mod that will give you more options for how far you can see in game, but unfortunately changing the resolution of your screen wouldn't do anything, to the best of my knowledge. Sorry. :(
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Actually having 1080p resolution in-game will allow you to zoom-out way further than 720p screens, and if you have a 1080p monitor I think going to the options menu in the video tab should already give you the option to change your resolution.
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