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Console How to fix safe region so hotbar is on screen for 1.4 Console Update


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Hello everyone, I saw quite a few people were running into the issue of their hotbar/health been partially on screen. Thankfully there is an easy fix for this, I have some pictures below on how to fix this issue and have made a video on it. >>>Which you can find here<<<<

Hotbar off screen 1.jpg
Hotbar off screen 2.jpg

Hotbar off screen 3.jpg
Hotbar off screen 4.jpg

Hotbar off screen 5.jpg
Hotbar off screen 6.jpg

Hotbar off screen 7.jpg

Hopefully this has fixed the issue you were having c:


Skeletron Prime
Some of the Safe Zone issues can also be caused by certain TV/Monitor settings needing adjusting, but because there are so many manufacturers it would be difficult to list every instruction, best thing to do is try the above method provided by Artic, if that fails, consult your TV/Monitors instruction manual and look for screen size settings.

(@ArticReaper I don't mean to piggy back off your great guide, I just thought as a contingency, the TV/Monitor settings could be something else to also check)
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