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Console How to fix Character Stutter on 1.4 update for Console


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Hello everyone. I have seen a lot of people including my self have come across this issue. Thankfully there is an easy fix for it. Below you will find some screenshots shots on how to fix it. I have also made a video showing what to do as well. >>>>Which you can find here<<<<

Chatacter stopping when walking 1.jpg
Chatacter stopping when walking 2.jpg

Chatacter stopping when walking 3.jpg
Chatacter stopping when walking 4.jpg

Chatacter stopping when walking 5.jpg
Chatacter stopping when walking 6.jpg

Hopefully this has helped you fix the issue c:


Ahh, yeah I figured this out pretty soon after the update launched, people really didn't put two and two together? I didn't even bother unbinding, it's not that big an issue unless you're like speedrunning or something, but why would you speedrun on Console lol
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