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tModLoader How to learn C#?


Official Terrarian
Hi everyone!
I want to learn C#, because I have a great interest on modding. So, anyone can tell me a method for learn C#?


As the previous posters have suggested, try taking a course. Once you have gotten a fair way through it and are beginning to feel more comfortable programming on your own, just try fiddling with example programs and see if you can add anything new to them with the help of google. If you see a weird keyword or function you don't understand, google it, and try and learn more about it. However, if it does seem too technical or confusing when you first look at it, leave it be and come back to it later when you've learned more. Try setting a small goal for a project, and work towards it. A lot of what I have learned came from working on a project and learning new concepts from the hurdles that arose. Also, beware that programming is a lot of banging your head against a wall being frustrated at why the stupid script won't work, it's often good just to take a break when that happens. And of course, never be afraid to ask for help.
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