HUD Elements Lib


HUD Elements Lib

This is a library mod for mods to define HUD-space UI elements that are able to be repositioned freely (alt+click to drag). Elements smartly avoid overlapping each other and vanilla HUD elements (if desired).

Note: This mod will not do anything without another mod to make use of it (hence, a library mod). Here's the API, for reference.

Source code available.


Requires tModLoader. Copy the above .tmod file to your 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods' folder to play.

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  • (See github commits history.)
  • Fixed pos+dim of UIElement-based HUDElement
  • Fixed countdown timer logic errors
  • Fixed timer position, render, and align issues
  • Fixed missing timer controls
  • Added enabler to TimerHUD
  • Added TimerHUD sample element
  • Updated messages to respect 'is read' state
  • Added Messages message about usage
  • Tweaked libs naming
  • Added API activation via. Mod.Call
  • Added API binding AddWidgetVisibilityHook(...)
  • Added hotbar adjustments for non-inventory mode
  • Prevented "bind edit mode" message when binding made
  • Fixed issue with premature mouse interface capturing
  • Added more vanilla HUD boxes
  • Hide existing HUD when edit mode active
  • Added reset buttons
  • Added HUDElementsLibAPI.IsEditModeActive()
  • Changed 'alt' key press to a custom key binding
  • Removed inventory-only restriction while editing
  • Added hover text alert to key binding
  • Added titles to elements in overlays
  • Implemented AutoAnchors
  • Fixed displacement box for collision-disabled elems
  • Improved box colors
  • Added config
  • Fixed the inventory chest box position and dimensions
  • Assorted refactoring
  • Fixed mouse interface failing to capture when HUD element interacting
  • Fixed most UI scaling issues (due to Update not being in Draw); WIP
  • Implemented element control hover text override
  • Altered HUDElement.FindDisplacedPosition to accept `mover` param
  • Fixed displacement failure
  • Adjusted element control sizes
  • First public release.


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Hi, I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if by any chance there was a way to get an updated version of this mod compatible with tmodloader 1.4.4? I'm not a modder at all and tModPorter wasn't enough to make it 1.4 compatible, so here I am asking hoping that someone has an answer <3
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