Story I am sorry...

[Genesys] Doomdesirer911

Official Terrarian
Space Log E: R-3s 2903-x

I have lost control.

I have maintained it for so long, it has helped me, the negatice in my blood altering it's personality, but the moon is wounded today, and it is going berserk. The Symbiote R3-S, codename Colonel is tapping my mind. My nerves splitting apart, it burns. it doesn't stop. I have no idea how long I can keep it under control in the cryofreezer. It keeps me safe, because if I die, so does it. R3-S is absorbing all the cold so I do not perish. My entry ends here, I will connect a hose of pure Negatice Liquid to R3-S so it doesn't do this again.

Log Terminated.

(Next week I will upload more)
(Sorry bout not posting sooner, I kinda got busy over summer.)

Space Log E: R-3s 2874-g

My name is *******, a word in a long lost language that has no equivalent in modern scripts. I am on a frozen planet mining for ancient parasites. We found one that we have named "Colonel" Update pending.

Log Paused
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