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i dont feel worthy for moon lord help


Full Beetle armor, with a Valhalla Knight Chestplate. Use the Solar Eruption, occasionally tossing a Daybreak as well.
Lots of healing potions and regular potions to increase your survivability. I’d recommend a long arena. Accessory-wise, use Betsy’s Wings, Soaring Insignia, Flame Gauntlet
Actually, the best melee set is Valhalla with chlorophyte mask. It has better damage and defense than the beetle and valhalla combo.
are my potions good? wait i have to say what they are first
so they are ironskin, rage, swiftness, bacon, flask of ichor cursed flame and venom, thorns, wraith and rage, regen, mana regen and power potions, ammo res potion, and lifeforce.
You have melee potions, magic potions, and ranger potions. Pick a class. Also, make sure your ascent speed is very high to avoid the deathray. For that use fishron wings, amphibian boots, and soaring insignia if you are in expert.


yeah. I would just try and if you fail, try to see what you did wrong. you seem pretty prepared to me.


actually, they were all nerfed
This would only be effective in 1.3
Ah. So the wiki is outdated lol. Not that unusual I suppose. EDIT: Actually, beetle armor with valhalla chest gives just +6% melee damage, where as the chlorophyte gives +16%. So it is better.
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