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i dont feel worthy for moon lord help


When I was preparing to fight duke fishron pre-mech, I downloaded an all items journey character and then practiced in a journey practice world until I could do it. I recommend doing that so you don't have to refight the events too many times.

Chilly Dango_Tex

Skeletron Prime
Hey C'mon, it is okay if you fail a few times, I'm sure that most of us died at least once while trying to defeat moon lord, remember that it is all about having fun and enjoying the journey that led to your final challenge :dryadhappy:

Omega Derpling

I actually took around 30 attempts to beat moon lord the first time :D

Seriously, don’t feel bad if you fail, just don’t give up!


It heavily depends on the class you’re playing.
Full Beetle armor, with a Valhalla Knight Chestplate. Use the Solar Eruption, occasionally tossing a Daybreak as well.
Lots of healing potions and regular potions to increase your survivability. I’d recommend a long arena. Accessory-wise, use Betsy’s Wings, Soaring Insignia, Flame Gauntlet
Full Shroomite Armor (with the gun helmet) with the Vortex Beater eqipped with 2 stacks of Chlorophyte Bullets. Equip Betsy’s Wings, Soaring Insignia, Ranger Emblem, Sniper Scope, and a Worm Scarf
Full Spectre Armor (with the mask) with a Nebula Blaze, occasionally firing out a Razorblade Typhoon. For accessories, use Betsy’s Wings, Soaring Insignia, Celestial Emblem, Mage Emblem and the Worm Scarf
Full Spooky Wood Armor, with a Terraprisma and Kaleidoscope. For accessories, use Betsy’s Wings, Soaring Isnignia, a Flame Gauntlet, a Papyrus Scarab and a Worm Scarf

the sniper

The Destroyer
are my potions good? wait i have to say what they are first
so they are ironskin, rage, swiftness, bacon, flask of ichor cursed flame and venom, thorns, wraith and rage, regen, mana regen and power potions, ammo res potion, and lifeforce.
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