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PC I think that the sharpening station should be put into one of the fishing crates.

Fishing has proven to be a wonderful tool for getting desired worldgen-based items without having to turn every single stone or, if you are unlucky enough, even leave your world. I in particular got quite unlucky trying to find many accessories and biome items - Water Walking Boots, Wind Anklet, Aglet, Ice Skates, Feral Claws, Magic Conch, Bast Statue, the infamous Lava Charm... And believe me, I tried. Fishing has helped me deal with poor worldgen luck and acquire every single one of those items from crates. It's a wonderful failsafe.

Which brings me to the topic of this suggestion. The sharpening station is a very nice thing to have, but unlike other buff stations of this kind (ammo box, bewitching table, crystal ball) it can only be found in the world - underground cabins to be precise. From searching on this forum I've already found a person who had such unlucky worldgen that viewing it with a 3rd party map tool revealed complete absence of the item. So it's possible that a sharpening station can be completely unobtainable within a single world.

While I'd appreciate any solution to this (bewitching table, for example, is a worldgen item as well, but it can be just bought from the Witch Doctor), I think that fishing is a perfect candidate to fix it, as it already does that for so many other worldgen items.
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