Icea's diary.


Headless Horseman
I've created a new character, who's name is Icea, which has a unique backstory.
I'm sorry if this is a little like Samrux's because I really liked the idea and wanted to make my own terrarian literature.

I've finally escaped from the frozen wasteland I call home. I wonder where I'll end up...

I woke up in an odd bed of thorns, green thorns. Another person is looking down at me... What in the world is he saying. He spoke in a sort of raspy voice, with a mixture of demonic enchantments mixed into it. He seems fed up with me, laying in this "garden" thing.

It's night and I spoke to the man. All I can say is... He's a demon.


This could trail into something interesting, but perhaps not. It's a little risky starting off a diary with such little information, and such little work done to stand it up and let it walk. Either way, I'll keep a close eye on this thread. Maybe try not to repeat 'he' as much as you have done already.


Headless Horseman
Thank you for the advice @Pixel, I'll work into that.

The Dungeon
Well, seems that man is a possessed doll, just great for me. At least his possesser shared his name, Lloyd. "Skeletron" introduced me to another person from my planet, "Skeletron" called him Glacier (glae-see-eir).

I wondered into the dungeon with Glacier, the thick, musty smell of underground poisoning our foreign lungs. As we descended deeper, wisps circled around us, sapping our life energy. Glacier unsheathed a legendary sword—Frostbrand, despite it being a legendary sword and such, a diabolist rendered the sword, and Glacier useless. I was caught up by the most fearsome of all monsters, a paladin. I was forced to sprint down a narrow corridor through the dungeon. This is all I can write for now, the paladi... (the page is torn)
If Samrux is reading this, please message me if I can intertwine you into the story...
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