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Idea and concepts compilation


Official Terrarian
Terraria is a game that I really like to play, however as any game, it's not perfect. This thread will have some things that I'd like to add/change to make the game more interesting, however it's just based on my opinion, so yeah. Some of them are pretty significant while some are very minor.

This isn't fully a suggestion for the original Terraria. This might be also a concept for a future mod or something like this, who knows? Anyway, let's get started.

- Cluster Grenades that deal 18 damage and split into smaller projectiles similar to the Beenades, however they don't home on enemies. It would be sold by the Demolitionist after defeating the Eye Of Cthulhu. Average use speed and low knockback.
- Super Cluster Grenades: a Hardmode upgrade which deals 36 damage and splits into 3 smaller shards that deal 75% of the damage. Use time and knockback would be the same.
- Throwing equivalents of boomerangs that cannot be reforged but they have a little more base damage to compensate that.
- Throwing equivalents of other thrown "melee" weapons, such as Vampire Knives, Daybreak or the Scourge of The Corruptor, etc.
- After obtaining the imbuing station, the player would be able to combine throwing knives with certain materials to make for example: cursed or ichor daggers. Cursed Daggers would deal 24 damage and inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff, while Ichor Daggers would deal 18 damage but they'd inflict ichor on enemies.
- An early Hardmode variation of the Vampire Knives that would deal 20 damage and won't heal the player. The player would be able to throw 2-4 daggers at a very fast rate.
- Thorn Balls which can drop from Plantera in amounts of 50-100. They would be an upgraded version of spiky balls that would deal 45 damage per hit and would be able to hit for max 4 times.
- Re-added but completely changed Holy Grenades. They no longer destroy tiles and deal only 100 damage, however they explode only when they stop bouncing around. They have a huge blast radius that has extremely strong knockback. It'd be hard to use due to the way it works but if used well, it'd be incredibly good for crowd control. It'd be a Hardmode weapon that could be made with bombs, several gold/platinum bars, a lot of pixie dust and several souls of light.
- Poison Javelins: post-Plantera upgrade to the Bone Javelin that would deal 46 damage and inflict both the penetrated and venom debuffs. Use time would be average.
- Lunar Disk: A thrown item made by 8 of each Lunar Fragment. It acts similar to the Possessed Hatchet, except the fact it doesn't home. Deals 90 damage and it spawns smaller projectiles that circle around it, similar to the Nebula Arcanum. Fast attack speed and the projectiles deal 75% of the base damage. If used well, it can deal a lot of damage, similar to the Nebula Arcanum. The smaller projectiles are able to pass through walls. It can be considered an upgrade to the hatchet or the hammer.
- True Paladin's Hammer: used with Ectoplasm, a Paladin's Hammer and maybe some post-Golem item. Deals 105 damage and can pass through walls.
- Waspnade: an upgrade to the Beenade that is sold by the Witch Doctor after Plantera is defeated. It deals around 30 as well as the wasps that it spawns.
- Throwing items made from bars, thrown at fast speed that pierce up several enemies. There will be cobalt (26 damage), palladium shurikens (27 damage), mythril (29 damage), orichalcum spears (30 damage), adamantite (32 damage), titanium (33 damage) daggers, hallowed throwing axes (38 damage) and chlorophyte spears (49 damage). Cobalt/mythril tier can pierce 3 enemies, adamantite/titanium up to 4, hallowed can pierce up to 6 and chlorophyte up to 7 enemies.

- Bird staff: summons a small bird that deals 6 damage and charges enemies. Very weak knockback and the staff is crafted with wood and silk.
- Pumpkin Head staff: has a low chance (1/200) chance to drop from pumpkins. Summons a jack 'o' lantern that attacks with light beams that deal 8 damage per hit.
- Optic Rod: a pre-Hardmode version of the Optic Staff which has a 20% chance to drop from the Eye Of Cthulhu. It summons a mini Eye Of Cthulhu which acts similar to the Spazmatism summon. It charges enemies, dealing around 10 damage per hit. The eye can pierce through enemies.
- Queen Bee staff: Summons a Queen Bee which is a turret. She can float in mid-air and when enemies come close, she summons little bees that deal around 6-8 damage per bee. It'd be crafted with 16 Bee Wax.
- Eater Staff: summons a mini Eater Of Worlds that shoots cursed flames at the player. The flames deal 8 damage and have 30% chance to inflict Cursed Inferno for 3-5 seconds. It has a 20% chance to be dropped from Eater Of Worlds and it's the only pre-Hardmode way to inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff.
- Color Staff: summons a rainbow energy sentry which shoots colorful beams at enemies. Every color has their different damage value (purple - 5, orange - 6, blue - 7, green - 8, red - 9, white - 10, orange - 11) and they have a decent range. They do not pierce but their fire rate is somewhat quick. It'd be crafted with 10 gold/platinum bars, 20 glass blocks and 3 per every gem (including marble).
- Demon Staff: rare drop from Demons and Voodoo Demons (2,5% I guess?). Summons a demon which shoots small scythes at an average rate that can hit multiple enemies. The scythes would deal around 20 damage.

- Holy Staff: summons a white energy sentry that shoots holy beams and deals 26 damage per hit. The fire rate is pretty quick and it has a good range. It'd be crafted with 12 Hallowed Bars, 3 lenses and 4 diamonds.
- Ice Golem Staff: summons an Ice Golem which attacks with frost bolts that deal 32 damage per hit. It has an average fire rate but the knockback is decent. It'd be a 20% drop from Ice Golems.
- Mechaworm Staff: summons a mechaworm which acts similarly to the Stardust Dragon. Its base damage is 10, however everytime it gets a new segment, it deals slightly more At this point of the game it could give around 30 damage per hit when you achieve the max amount of summons. The delay between hits would be bigger compared to the Stardust Dragon to avoid ridiculous DPS. It'd be a 10% drop from The Destroyer.
- Crystalline Rod: summons a crystal tower similar to the wall created with the Clinger Staff. It acts like a "sentry" and deals 24 damage and high knockback every time it hits an enemy. It'd be a good weapon to block enemies from getting to you, or to knock them far away from you. Crafted with 20 crystal shards, 5 souls of light and 15 wood.
- Sand Elemental Staff: Inspired by the Waifus from Calamity - it summons a sand elemental which summons small tornadoes that deal around 28 damage per hit. The tornadoes can hit multiple times. Created with 10 adamantite/titanium bars and 2 forbidden fragments.
- Vampire Staff: summons a vampire bat which deals around 35 damage to the enemy and causes it to lose life slowly due to bleeding (lasts for around 6-8 seconds). It's an uncommon (5%) drop from Vampires during the Solar Eclipse.
- Nature's God Staff: summons a leaf portal sentry which creates a leaf barrier when enemies come close to it. The leaves deal 38 damage and have decent knockback. Crafted with 10 chlorophyte bars, 12 rich mahogany wood and 8 jungle spores.
- Staff of Stone: summons a golem sentry which throws rocks at an average rate that bounce around and can deal up to 50 damage, depending on the velocity they have. The lower velocity, the less damage they deal, however they can be used to keep enemies away. The rocks can hit multiple enemies. It's a possible drop from Golem.
- Tesla Staff: summons a Tesla Turret which shoots lightning bolts at nearby enemies. The lightning bolts deal around 34 damage and can struck enemies with lightning for around 4-6 which can deal a decent amount of damage. It has a small chance (2,5%) to drop from Tesla Turrets during the Martian Madness.
- Stardust Tower Staff: summons a stardust tower sentry which generates stardust sparks around it. The sparks can fly around but they disappear after 5 seconds. Every spark deals around 60 damage and when used well, they can be extremely useful for crowd control.

- Obsidian armor: because this armor set feels useless in the original game, I'd give it stats which increase throwing damage by 10%, throwing critical strike chance by 5% and throwing velocity by 30%. The set bonus would provide immunity to the On Fire debuff and temporary immunity to lava (similar to the Lava Charm).
- Thrower and pieces for the early-mid Hardmode armor sets. They'd give minor buffs to their specific class.
- Lihzahrd armor: an armor set made out of lihzahrd bricks, silk and hallowed bars. A full set would give a total of 44 defense, +20% throwing damage, +12% throwing critical chance, +50% throwing velocity, +33% chance to not consume thrown items and -10% movement speed. The set bonus would summon boulder projectiles on enemy hits which deal 50 damage and can hit one enemy. When used well, the falling boulders could significally increase the DPS.
- Elemental armor: crated with 12 of each lunar fragment and 36 luminite bars. A full set would give a total of 54 defense, +25% throwing damage, +15% throwing critical chance, +50% throwing velocity, +50% chance to not consume thrown items and +10% movement speed.

- Not a new armor, but more of a change. The guardian from the Stardust Armor set bonus is really underpowered. I'd increase its damage to around 75, so it'd be at least somewhat useful.
- Summoner pieces for early-mid Hardmode armor sets which increase summoner stats.
- Maybe some early-game summoner armor crafted with silk and some early ores. It would have like 6-8 defense for the whole set and would add +2 minions.

Hardmode Weapons:
- Nerfed Daedalus Stormbow damage to 33.
- Made Holy Arrows available after beating the Mechanical Bosses. Let's be honest, they're the ultimate mech bosses cheese.
- Not sure about that but maybe Dart Rifle/Pistol should also be post-Mechanical Bosses. They can be really strong with certain darts. This is 50/50 though.
- Christmas Tree Sword has auto-swing and the projectiles it throws shatter on impact, spreading into smaller shards that deal 50% of the base damage. It would work like crystal bullets and that way the weapon would be more useful. The sword would also swing slightly faster.
- Amarok damage nerfed to like 35 and Hel-Fire to around 32-33. Chik would have 43-44 because it's harder to get IMO.
- Flails are pretty weak (except Flairon and Solar Eruption). Giving them like 25% more damage would be better.
- Increased Piranha Gun damage to 45-50. I find it rather weak compared to other biome chest weapons.
- The Frost Hydra should shoot a bit faster.
- Buffed Flamethrowers. I find them rather weak compared to the other weapons at their tier. The normal Flamethrower should have 33-35 damage and the Elf Melter should deal around 60 damage and have a slightly longer range (the melter is pretty weak compared to other Frost Moon weapons IMO).
- Crystal Vile Shard damage increased to 21 because it deals little damage to most enemies at this point.
- Rockets shot by the celebration are homing and last a bit longer.
- I'd maybe revert the Phantasm damage to 70 but if it would make the green arrows too strong, I'd nerf them a bit. Otherwise I'd keep the old base damage.

Pre-Hardmode weapons:
- Made the Slime Staff easier to get. It'd be like a 1/500 drop from any slime. Come on, this weapon is good very early on but later it's useless, I don't see any point in it being so rare.
- Buffed pre-Hardmode flails by 20%.
- Decreased projectile velocity for the Amber Staff but they would have semi-homing abilities.
- Star Cannon speed nerfed to "average" and damage decreased to 45. I know stars take some time to get, but come on, it's a pre-EoC weapon and it's stronger than some early Hardmode items...

- An ability to craft Life Crystals in late pre-Hardmode. This won't be very useful in singleplayer because it'd be way too dangerous but it'd be a life saver in multiplayer because there's a limited amount of crystals on the map and playing with a larger groups with players would end with a lack of these crystals.
- Some more important chest accessories (like the Band Of Regen, etc.) should be found somewhere else too so they won't be a limited thing on the map.
- Either some buffed Battle Potion or just a buff to the potion itself. I recall myself having trouble with farming rare things (like the Ankh Charm pieces) because the enemies were appearing in small amounts even with the candle and the Battle buff. Farming one item for hours isn't very fun.
(something more later if I'll remember it)

Coming soon I guess...

Work in progress...

Fishing is a good mechanic but I think doing certain things takes a bit too long. With this I'd change a few things to make stuff less tedious to do:

- Accessories for the Cell Phone would have a higher chance in Hardmode, so the player would be able to get them easier because in Hardmode you also get extra drops.
- The fin wings you get from the Angler would fly a bit higher than angel wings. Like come on, who would bother getting fin wings when they start Hardmode? Also considering they're pretty rare, they're even worse than angel wings. They need a buff IMO.
- Higher chances to get a biome item from a biome crate. I find it annoying that biome crates are like gold crate rarity (if not less common) and the chance to get a certain item is only around 10-15%. I think they should be like a 50% chance so it'd be less annoying to fish them.
- Eventually like a side-quest available from the Angler which would also count into the quest achievement? They happen only once per day and getting the 200 quests achievement is very time consuming. I mean I guess the waiting is a part of the achievement, so it's a 50/50 decision.
- Adding some other chest loot available in wooden, silver, gold or biome crates. This might be not very useful in singleplayer but it'd help a lot in multiplayer.

More coming soon if I don't forget to add it. D:
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