Mac Installed tModLoader and mods. Now can't see old 'Players'.

Discussion in 'General Mod Discussion' started by Ewill Marshie, Mar 21, 2017.

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    Hi wonderful computer-gaming type folks,

    Firstly I'm on a Mac.

    Was hoping to install some mods for my son to play, I followed all the instructions I found online and downloaded the tModLoader and a couple of mods, I've got Terraria running through the tModLoader and it recognises the Mods I have placed in the appropriate folders, but when I go to play all our old characters have gone. Did installing the tModLoader somehow override all our old characters? or if not, how do I re-access them? I know my son (and somewhat myself) will be devastated if he's lost all the progress we've made over the years. (Got some sweet worlds we've built and awesome post-moon lord gear that we spent ages working on from scratch.)

    I really didn't do my research very well when installing this one. Can't seem to find another thread that i can follow to rectify my issue.

    I'm a bit not very tech savvy, so go slow with this old man. I did read that one can "uninstall" the tModLoader, to get back "vanilla Terraria" and that perhaps we'd find our old characters in there, but i wouldn't have the first clue in how to do that. Is this the case? is there anyone who could help me with this? I'd be ever so grateful.
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    Here's the deal: tModLoader uses different Character and World files than Vanilla Terraria, meaning that you have to manually move your Vanilla characters to the modded folder off you want to use them.
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    Hi, Ewill!

    First of all, don't worry, your save files are perfectly safe! However, it's always a good idea to keep a manual backup somewhere, especially if you've spent so much time on your worlds. It's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. :)

    With that said, I'm not really familiar with Macs, but I assume the file structure is similar to a Windows installation. tModLoader uses its own save files, and saves them in a different folder than the default Terraria, and the two don't have access to the other's save files. That's why none of the characters from your vanilla installation showed up in tModLoader, and why, if you made a new tModLoader character or world, those in turn wouldn't show up in vanilla Terraria either.

    If you want to play tModLoader with your original world files, you will have to copy those and put them in the correct folder. I strongly recommend making a backup before you do this, as if you accidentally move them instead of copying them (the post above suggests moving: don't do that), tModLoader can overwrite them: while this doesn't render them unusable (you can still move them back to vanilla), it's always possible for something to go wrong.

    To make a backup, press Command + Shift + G, paste /Users/AccountName/Library/Application Support/Terraria, replace AccountName by your account's name and press enter (if this directory, or any of the following, doesn't exist, then give me a shout: these directories are where I assume the files are based on where Windows saves them and internet searches, I don't actually know where Mac saves these files). To back-up a player, go to the Players folder and copy the folder with your player name, as well as the .plr file (you don't really need the .bak file, but it doesn't hurt to copy as well) to a different folder, preferably one on a removable drive (like an USB stick). To back-up a world, copy the .wld file in the Worlds folder (again, don't need the .bak, but doesn't hurt to have it). To restore a back-up, simply copy your back-up files to the places you originally found them, overwriting the original files.

    Migrating vanilla saves to tModLoader is much like restoring a back-up: go to /Users/ACCOUNT/Library/Application Support/Terraria/ModLoader, and copy the backed-up player files to the Players folder, and the world file to the Worlds folder. That should enable your vanilla worlds in tModLoader. The reverse is also possible, but if two characters or worlds have the same name, they will overwrite each other when you move them, so be sure to back-up those files up before you try that (or simply rename the files :) ).

    If you want to restore vanilla Terraria, right-click Terraria in your Steam folder and click Properties. Then, in the window that opens up, press the Local Files tab and then click Browse Local Files... and this should open up the Terraria Steam folder. Delete the file called Terraria.exe (you don't need to back anything up for this), then back in the properties tab, click Verify Integrity Of Game Files... which will reacquire the vanilla version of Terraria.

    Good luck! If you have any more questions, be sure to ask!
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    Since you are finding help with a modding issue, I have moved your thread to the General Mod Discussion section. We try keep the Technical Support sections for unmodded Terraria issues. Kazzy knows his stuff and should be able to get you going so you and your son can play some modded Terraria with your old worlds/players. :)

    The facepalm was rude and uncalled for. In the future please treat all members with respect, doing so is a requirement in this community.
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    in mac you can't acsess those files. so you just van't get them. sorry :p