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Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by Terrarnoob457, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I am posting this thread to make my community aware that the Instant-on feature for Xbox One can be the cause of some crashes. (I believe that a long running script doesn't get interrupted or maybe it doesn't clean the cache, however I am not familiar with how Xbox works so...)

    I just lost 2-3 hours of work on my sword class. I left the machine on for a day, finished what I was doing, and exited to the main menu. The screen froze on Saving World Data 100%.
    And last week everytime I jumped with any character in any world, the character would freeze in place, it would take no damage or take any action that was not pulling up menus, also the day would not end.

    To forum moderators:
    Unfortunately, I will not be sending in a report ticket for 3 reasons: I am uncertain that I will be able to repeat the results, I have nothing to record evidence if it happens again, and I think it is a fault of the instant-on.
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    Hi there @Terrarnoob457, thanks for sharing your info and what you think may be causing some crashes. I would still encourage you to send in a bug report form to Pipeworks (the console developer) even if you can't replicate it and even if it's the instant-on feature. The more info they have the better. You can send it here: