Weapons & Equip Introducing the Jumping Jane (Rocket Launcher from TF2)


Skeletron Prime
Jumping Jane (Rocket launcher from the game Team Fortress 2)

excuse my poor attempt at pixel art

Source: Crafted at a Mytrhil/Orichalcum anvil from:
x12 Titanium/Adamantite Bars
x1 Illegal Gun Parts
x20 Souls of Flight

Base Damage: 50 (player takes only 50% of damage when self-inflicted)

Ammo: Rockets

Additionally a sort of plunger ammo could be introduced which deals 0 damage so that the player can rocket jump without worry about damage.
The properties of knockback from rockets could be also transferred to the other launchers as long as they use plunger ammo.


Another proposition for rocket ammo by a friend is for suction ammo which sucks in at the location of the explosion enemies into it.

Other stats will be adjusted so that they mimic rocket jumping in TF2 allowing us to replicate techniques such as:
pogo jumping, sync jumping, wall jumping, and more...

Rocket jumping will also allow you to add more momentum as long as the player isn't stopped by terrain or other movement slowing effects.

Reference video for rocket jumping:

Here's a recent implementation in one of the recent Minecraft snapshots:
Wind Charge
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How far would it boost you? As long as it's not too far, this seems like a fine idea.
I was hoping they would be as close as possible to the reference. For example you can pogo jump and be constantly in the air without touching the ground or have just enough height so that you can slowly climb a wall with purely rocket jumping so I assume this will be more based on adjusting the stats to match those techniques.
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