Issue for Texture Pack Creators: 1.4.4 Inventory Change


I mainly want to address this since I have yet to see anyone address this.

Essentially, before 1.4.4, the inventory slots were assigned names in the game files that were very straight forward; Inventory_Back3.xnb was armor/accessories/equipment, Inventory_Back8.xnb was the social slot, and Inventory_Back12.xnb was used for the all dye slot. On a personal level, I enjoyed texture packs that decreased the size of the dye slot to snugly fit the dye within them.

With the game updating to 1.4.4, things have changed. Adding the new loadouts is a huge QoL improvement and an exciting option to explore. However, the ability to customize inventories have been hindered. All armor slots, accessory slots, social slots, and dye slots (except equipment for some reason), now use Inventory_Back13.xnb. Creating smaller slots for dye outside of equipment are no longer possible. Also, the game calculates the gradient color for each loadout selection, so custom colors will be forcefully changed and more difficult to implement. With 1.4.4, there has been a significant decrease in the customizability of the Inventory as a whole. Custom colors and designs will be difficult to achieve now that the code for this has changed.

I'm mainly addressing this to see if I can be heard and something can be done about it. If so, that would be outstanding. If not, I'm hoping future texture pack creators will have this resource.

Thank You,
Zach Attack


I am a mod author (Steam Workshop::Black/Purple Inventory and Minimap Border UI) and I second this. I delayed updating my resource pack because I wanted to see if something would come out about workarounds or other ways to modify the loadout backs. This is kind of painful. A mod-friendly implementation might be something like allowing resources to specify the border (and colors) and then use the derived (automagicly colored) backgrounds.

I also agree that other than the sprite limitations with the current method of coloring, the loadout feature is still great overall.

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