PC Item fall speed?


Does anyone know, off-hand, what the fall speed of items is? It turns out to be rather difficult to google for thanks to all the player fall speed posts, and I can't find a thread detailing it.

Use case: auto-farm for mushrooms / crystals / etc where I would like to have the switch make actuated blocks inactive to harvest the items, let them fall, then reactivate the blocks using a timer, so that they don't remain inactive all the time.

And yes, I know I could just set it to 30 seconds and be done with it, but I'd rather be precise, because what is the point of Terraria if not being exactly, exceedingly over-precise, hey? ;)
Items fall slower than the player, but I believe they are a little faster than the player when gliding, but you may have to test that one out.


From the code it seems like maximum fall speed, for items that are affected by gravity and are not in liquid, is 7 pixels per tick, with 0.1pixel per tick^2 acceleration up to that speed.
Most new items start with random velocity 'upwards' 'roughly' between 4 pixels/tick and 1.5 pixels/tick.
I didn't verify in-game, so this could be wrong.
edit: P.S. 1 block is 16 pixels by 16 pixels(afaik)
edit2: and i guess since we now have zoom, it's 'units' - not pixels...
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Duke Fishron
From my tests it takes an average of 119 (ranges in 110 to 130) frames for an item to fall 50 tiles (recorded in 60fps) resulting in about 1.983 seconds fall time average.
0,03966 seconds per tile
2.3796 frames/ticks per tile
0.148725 pixels per frame/tick
That is without considering the acceleration.(if there is any)


I never really thought about item fall speed. Also does water/lava/honey slow down falling items? The speed of that should be tested too.


I think lava is the same as water because darts from dart traps move at the same speed in lava as they do it water.


Duke Fishron
The maximum fall speed and acceleration is the same in lava and water. Max speed is 5, acceleration is 0.08. In honey max speed is 3 and acceleration is 0.05. (I got this by looking at Terraria.Item.UpdateItem(int).) I am not sure about the projectiles, but NPCs get their velocity multiplied by 0.5 in lava or water and 0.25 in honey. The update method for projectiles is a little more complicated, but I think they work in the same way.
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