Pixel Art Jestexe's sprites

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Sorry I didn't find a mob that would fit for your request (At least not yet). Please take this cheesecake for now.

I doubt that people are interested in what I have to say about my sprites.
Also, thank you. :D

And yeah I saw that problem when the sprite was done but I was too lazy to fix it right away.

[Insert juicy shotgun sounds here]

Aw. Thank you. Anyways, I need a break. Don't worry. I will make it later today.

I am. Feedback helps me improve my sprites. So comment away!

Thank you for all of your feedback! It really keeps me going.

Ah, that's very kind of you nonetheless, even if you didn't sprite the exact request. Good job on the recent sprites, they look really nice and the colour palettes are 'refreshing' in a way.
And there is a good reason for that. Paint.NET did not save my progress so I ended up posting the old version of the sprite...


Aaand it did it again...

I may have pressed CTR+D not CTRL+S..
Go me.
Looks a lot better, the shading is nice and smooth.
Can you sprite...hmmm...
Lord Business in Terraria Style.
I'm hoping you've seen the Lego Movie or you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.
So I got another request I was thinking a Catling gun
You know half cat / half gun
It fires adorably vicious cats at enemies :3
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