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Pixel Art Jestexe's sprites

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Welcome to my humble pixel art thread


Please post your requests in here: Jestex's land of pixels
Select the correct thread and post your request. Please follow the rules if you wish to receive your requested sprite/emoticon.

The reason why I made this group is that this thread is extremely messy and finding your requests is extremely laborious. It's also one of the reasons why I am not able to make them so often/not make them at all because they are hidden under other posts.

I hope you understand why I made this decision.

Any requests posted here will not be made.
You may use my sprites in suggestions
if you remember to give me credit.
For mods you have to ask for permission before using.

Total count

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Official Terrarian
Can't hold this request in for much longer. Could you please make me an unsettling, creepy version of the pokemon Dragonite? Thanks Jest!

Lord Hungry

Skeletron Prime
Do you think you could create a pixel art of this character please? (in a non terraria way)
(it would be even better if it was a gif but you dont have to)
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