Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

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In fairness, I don't think it's a very far stretch for a player to regularly check the wiki when playing on a secret world generation mode that you would only know about how to trigger if you knew about the wiki or had friends who told you about how to get to it, usually through the wiki
Considering the player should already played the game on this seed i would agree. Yet if you get stuck and the only way to figure out a way to get something for progression is to get out of the game, search for a video or a wiki it means something is wrong with the game.

Anyway the point stands, due to the world generation there is a chance that the player on the getfixedboi seed (and i would guess in the zenith seed as well), to not be able to get stone to make a forge. And expending hours digging in random direction hoping(because you have no idea were a biome with stone is) to find some stone in a world were everything one hits you, incluiding the blocks and you are unable to craft better tools and the most basic of elements is not the way to go. ANd yes i know it is a difficult seed.

The merchant thing does not work, first off i do not know if the special merchant inventory works due to the happiness system being disabled, im yet to test that, it does work on the notthebees seed because it is on the surface and petty much everything is jungle.

Making the forge avalible in the normal merchant inventory in general, not in this seed only, works, there is no reason for the forge being limited to the jungle, that does nothing. Alternatively, also making the forge being able to be crafted out of crispy honey blocks works too.
I want the chance for fledgling wings being found in sky Chests and sky crates to be slightly increased, with the odds being doubled for Azure Crates to reduce grind

This is unlike Sandstorm in a Bottle, in which the wings cannot be crafted

Oh, and increase the base damage of the True Night's Edge and speed of its projectiles
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