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  1. Match28

    Match28 Terrarian

    My suggestion is a Jungle Temple Guardian that kills any player who enters the Jungle Temple before defeating Plantera, just like Dungeon Guardian.

  2. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    I can understand the reasoning behind this... but please, no.
    If I want to harvest items from the Temple (typically traps or Solar Tablet/Fragments), I really don't want to have to go through the process of activating hardmode, killing mech bosses and waiting for a bulb to spawn, then finding a bulb.

    It's frustrating that the Dungeon Guardian forces me to wait ~15 minutes on each new world before I can enter the dungeon for furniture or paintings. Made worse in 1.3 when we now have to defeat Plantera to get the biome chests, regardless of whether you already have keys to spare. I don't want anything else gated like this please.
  3. Match28

    Match28 Terrarian

    Fair enough.
  4. lFTLOGodsl

    lFTLOGodsl Terrarian

    -drops handkerchief and puts back of hand to forehead- Oh woe is me, having to play the game as it was intended.
    Sarcasm aside, I think its a good idea, there's no reason as to why there shouldn't be a Guardian. The door is locked until Post-Plantera for a reason...
    Also here's a head that you can just right-click, copy image, and paste into your post so its not a imgur link making it show up cleanly formatted :3
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  5. Match28

    Match28 Terrarian

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  6. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    Because screw creating new worlds to find resources right? I'm very certain that is the intended way, why punish players for doing so?

    I actually don't see the point to this. The Temple has a door that requires a key, that is how it gates players from entering early. The Dungeon Guardian is essentially the "door" of the Dungeon, making it impossible to enter the Dungeon before you beat Skeletron.

    Having both the locked door and a temple guardian is redundant. They are doing the exact same thing: make the player beat Plantera before entering.
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  7. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Skeletron

    I mean... The door to the jungle is already locked so I don't really see the point of adding a guardian to a place that you already can't enter until Plantera has been defeated, where after said boss's defeat, the guardian already disappears.

    Although, if the Dungeon Guardian that guards a dungeon full of skeleton is a floating skeleton head, then the Jungle Temple Guardian should be reptilian-like to match the Jungle temple itself!

    Maybe it can have camouflage!

  8. Match28

    Match28 Terrarian

    Players can easily glitch through the door. But yeah, I see why it might be a bad idea.
  9. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    Do you mean "place 3 platforms in front of the door and hammer them in a very specific way that normal players will not ever discover unless they look it up"?

    There is little point in entering it early anyway.
    - The enemies are overpowered for weak characters.
    - Unlike the Dungeon, items found in Temple chests is a furniture crafting station, Solar Tablets which is not game breaking since it summons a naturally occuring event (that can't be used before Hardmode btw), and Power Cells to summon the Golem. No weapons, no armors, no tools. Most of the useful stuffs come from Golem.
    - Speaking of Golem, you can't even summon it before Plantera is dead.
    - I guess you can harvest the traps and wires, but if you are that dedicated to building a contraption then I will say you earned it.
  10. lFTLOGodsl

    lFTLOGodsl Terrarian

    Eh I don't know, that's just my personal opinion that cheating into a place you're not supposed to be in is wrong. I get there's not much to gain from doing so, but at the same time...it has a door for a reason... keep it shut until its open.

    P.S. Mmm Shylt, I love me some FFBE
  11. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    I mean, if people wanted to cheat then they would still do it anyway no matter how many restrictions you put in.
  12. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    I mean, right now the big problem with this is the fact that Lihzahrd walls exist outside the locked door, so it'd be hard to tell if one actually was in the Temple. I mean, Lihzahrds spawn pre-Hardmode if you stand there long enough.

    It can't be a depth thing either like the Dungeon is, because most of it is on the same underground depth levels.

    Also, if done we need to have a way to kill Plantera without the 3 mechs down in new worlds (although the summoning item itself can be post-Plantera anyway), because it wouldn't do to have to fight four bosses.
  13. lFTLOGodsl

    lFTLOGodsl Terrarian

    Perhaps have the Temple Key have unlimited uses so it can be used for different worlds when wanted? (As lame as that sounds)
  14. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    I mean, actually, if you keep the Temple Key a thing it could actually work, because then it's not tied to the defeat of Plantera, it's rather tied to the opening of the door. I'd say keep em consumable because she always drops them, so it's more annoying than anything if they weren't consumed, and as a byproduct, didn't stack.