Just got a Nymph banner, how many of us exist?

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Do you have a Nymph banner (Or any extremely rare creature's for that matter)?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Working on it

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  1. J. Bame 666

    J. Bame 666 Terrarian

    For proof:

    So as title says, i got not just the Nymph but also Tim's banner in my AFK farm designed for them. Now i'm working on the Rune Wizard, Pinky and Doctor Bones(This one is gonna take a while) banners.
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  2. J. Bame 666

    J. Bame 666 Terrarian

    Update: Got the Rune Wizard a while ago, currently on my farm that works for the other two.

    Pinky's banner is coming much faster than what i thought, i'm almost done with it. Sadly i can only say the opposite about Doctor Bones... I must have 8 kills right now....:sigh:

    I don't really know where to put them though, but definitely not on some random pink team blocks on my base.

    I'd like to build something for them, but i'm not sure what right now. Ideas are appreciated :)
  3. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    What a legend.
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  4. J. Bame 666

    J. Bame 666 Terrarian


    Pinky banner out of the way. Now im about to spend half my life with Doctor Bones.
  5. Just judging on the pictures those are also coin farms? Also have Tim banner. And I just noticed u have 75 turtle shells. Grind much?
  6. Celestial Creator

    Celestial Creator Skeletron

    how long did you have to farm for that?
  7. J. Bame 666

    J. Bame 666 Terrarian

    Well, technically they are. But they were definitely not designed for that:D

    The money youre seeing comes from me selling the drops to the occasional skeleton merchant that teleported with the rest of the mobs.

    Notice how i have way less money from the Pinky/Bones farm since im not selling those yelets.

    Fun fact: i got Tim's banner before i was even done with the farm lol

    Im not really sure.

    I had a pretty big headstart with Nymphs (24 kills) before i started the farm. About 5-7 hours of afk farming.
    Tim was patetically easy; he spawns about as often as mimics if you're wearing gem robes.
    The rune wizard took a WHILE. I got to more than 74 nymphs in total before i got his banner. I was farming all 3 together btw, Rune took a session of his own.
    I made about twice as much money, so i guess i farmes for twice as long, about 15-21 hours afk counting the Nymph session.
    Pinky was much faster. I got hers in about 4 hours, with a headstart of 15. Pretty cool.

    Still working(technically not but eh) on Doctor bones. I've been on the farm for 16 hours and i've gotten to 21 kills i think. Headstart of 4 btw.

    This one is taking a long time:confused:
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  8. J. Bame 666

    J. Bame 666 Terrarian


    Took me a lot longer than any of the others, but I finally got it.

    Now it's time for me to improvise some build where i could place them.
  9. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    I think just a castle of banners would be cool, or just out them in your chest room like I did.

    No screenshot because my disc is gone and I'm not even home rn.
  10. Quontanium

    Quontanium Golem

  11. I would create a spaceship thingy to display them,
    (Also maybe create a business selling extra banners/loots for moneys.)
  12. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    map file plz i want farms leel

    Anyways, this is really cool! Dont think i have ever gotten one of these banners, though.
  13. Technohelper

    Technohelper Terrarian

    I can get this in a minute with TerraSavr or Builder's Workshop. *sigh* i have issues i know. pls send help
  14. Voyager

    Voyager Headless Horseman

    so much fun* I wish they would never have added banners