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IC Kidnapped: A Damsel in Distress story with a twist


The Destroyer
OOC - Kidnapped: A Damsel in Distress story with a twist
Spawn Point, this is where you will reappear if you happen to die. Passing by one automatically changes yours to that one.
Allies/yourself, self explanatory
Enemies, they kill you. Kill them back, but beware of bosses.
Neutral characters, NPCs whose alignment are unrevealed
Safe interactables, these actions and objects are perfectly safe.
Dangerous interactables, interacting with these will roll for whether you turn out OK or take damage/get a status effect
Nenowt, either I'm narrating from Nenowt's point of view or I mentioned Nenowt in third person. He's basically the guide
-- Siccle Soulya --
You find yourself outside a lake with some lost health. Seems you got attacked in your sleep or something, but it's not too bad. A little wash in the clean-looking water could help, or you could look at the nearby fruit.

((You can do minor healing in the water or risk getting poisoned trying to find better healing.))

-- Pluto Swordsmith --
You find yourself in a tree branch, with a status effect. There seems to be some kind of fruit in the tree, and you're not too high up. Jumping wouldn't deal a ton of damage, or you could climb on the less sturdy branches to get some fruit.

((You can risk your neck to get rid of the status effect or skip on obtaining the fruit and leave unharmed.))
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Official Terrarian
"Well, the narrator is trying to make me go there to miss a secret? NOPE!" I run in the opposite direction of the glow


The Destroyer
You slam into a tree. It's painful but didn't harm you. It seems the opposite direction of the glow is too thicc to go thru


The Destroyer
Good job. You found......

A useless little acorn.

((There's really no secret. I don't do that.))


The Destroyer
There seems to be a purple glowing rune engraved in the ground there, tempting you to touch it.


The Destroyer
An odd figure approaches you.

"Whoa there! I wouldn't do that if I were you!"

He takes you away from the purple rune.

"Those runes belong to the monster that kidnapped the princess! If you touch one, you'll burst into flames! I've seen it happen to countless innocents!"

The seemingly teenage... Lightbulb wizard boy? has a very serious look on his face.


The Destroyer
I burst into purple fire and die. Good job, ya killed the guide on the first day

I stop you.

"Just don't mess with it. It's very dangerous."
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