PC King slime not spawning


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Windows 10
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When the slime rain occurred, I killed the required number of slimes and the 'king slime has awoken' message appeared. However, king slime never spawned. I have encountered this issue before, but assumed it was due to playing on linux at the time. As I am now playing on windows, that is clearly not the case. The slime rain eventually ended on its own.


Skeletron Prime
Hmm. It may have spawned trapped somewhere, though it should be able to teleport to you if it had. You could always make a Slime Crown and spawn it manually.


Thats what I initially assumed, that it just spawned elsewhere. But the game now seems to be assuming I killed it? The dye trader appeared the next day and according to the wiki he only spawns after a boss is killed. (I haven't killed any others on this world yet).
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