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Official KNOWN/REPORTED Journey's End Issues

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Current Live Version:

A brief summary of some Frequently Asked Questions regarding current in-game content:

1. Localization for 1.4 is not finished. It is currently undergoing translation, and will be included in a subsequent update.

2. The Vanity Contest winners outfits are not currently in 1.4. Because the contest ended so close to the release date, the art team did not have the time to give these the attention they deserve. They will appear soon in a post-launch patch, stay tuned!

3. Mac/Linux are not currently optimized and fully supported for 1.4. While they should run for most users, there are a number of issues exclusive to Mac/Linux that we are not able to address at this time. We are still tracking Mac/Linux related issues, and will be addressing them in a future update.

Frequently Reported Bug List:

Issue: Crashing when reaching the main menu, making worlds/players, saving worlds/players, texture packs, etc
Present In:
Status: Known
Fixed In: Must be fixed user side
More Info: This is a complex issue where some PCs do not give Terraria permission to make modifications to certain folders (usually the Save folders or the ResourcePack folder). This varies heavily from computer to computer, based on user-side settings and AntiVirus protection programs, and is not something we are necessarily able to fix, as it is your computer/AV programs blocking Terraria.
Workarounds:The most common cause of this is an AV program not allowing Terraria through. Making sure Terraria is allowed/whitelisted with ALL of your AV programs may fix the issue. It is possible that your AV settings are too strict entirely, and will not allow Terraria to function. This is something we cannot change on our end. Additional solutions may include making sure the Terraria Players/Worlds folders are NOT set to "Read Only", and additionally, running Terraria as administrator.

Issue: Unable or very difficult to control the character once a world has been loaded
Present In:
Status: Known, under investigation
Fixed In:, confirmation pending
More Info: This issue seems to come and go randomly, only for certain users. We do not know why it impacts some users and not others, but the vast majority of users do not seem to have this issue. We are looking into steps to reproduce and isolate the issue. We have some reports that repeatedly setting your PC to hibernate may cause the issue.
Workarounds: In the vast majority of cases, restarting your PC will entirely fix the issue (until the next time it appears). A few reports have indicated that this does not fix it, but this seems rare.

Issue: Significant Performance Drops in 1.4
Present In: All 1.4 Versions
Status: Known, under investigation
Fixed In: Some fixes present in, more to come
More Info: We are investigating reports that some users have performance issues on 1.4, and are looking into optimization to improve it.
Workarounds: We are continuing to implement more optimizations to improve performance. We've added one new config setting to decrease/increase the range of Team Nameplates, as there is a slight performance toll from numerous Team Nameplates. You can reduce the range at which these will show to improve MP performance.

Issue: Significant Multiplayer Desyncing and Lag Issues in 1.4
Present In: All 1.4 Versions
Status: Known, under investigation
Fixed In: Some fixes present in, more to come
More Info: We are investigating reports that some users are experiencing desyncing and multiplayer connection issues on 1.4, and are looking into optimization to improve it.

Issue: Localization/translation for much of the new content is not complete, and is likely in English only.
Present In: All 1.4 Versions
Status: Known, expected behavior
Fixed In: TBD
More Info: Localization of 1.4 content was not finished by the localization team prior to launch. As such, only content or earlier is translated. All continuing localization work, including typos and corrections to localization, will be coming in a subsequent 1.4 version.

Issue: 4k Resolution settings do not work properly on Mac/Linux
Present In: All 1.4 Versions, Mac/Linux only
Status: Known
Fixed In: TBD
More Info: 1.4 does not actually have formal Mac/Linux support due to logistical issues, though Mac/Linux should run mostly fine for the average user. There are some technical issues such as this that we are looking into, and will aim to have a fix for in later versions.

Frequently Reported Non-Bugs:

Issue: "Team Nameplates aren't showing up when my teammates are far away"
More Info: Team Nameplates (the names/faces/health bars in multiplayer showing the location of your team) no longer show at all distances by default, and it is not a bug. We've added a new option in your config.json file to increase/decrease the distance that Team Names will show up. By default, this distance is 2000 tiles. If you want to change this number, go you Documents>My Games>Terraria, and open up the config.json file. Find "TeamNameplateDistance" and increase or decrease the number. Note that lower distances may improve performance, so use it only as needed.

Issue: "Help, I can't pick up any items suddenly"
More Info: Aside from some Multiplayer server issues, odds are almost certain that you are carrying an Encumbering Stone. Encumbering Stone blocks you from picking up items (for when you don't want your inventory cluttered up). Removing it from your inventory will resolve the issue.

Issue: "I picked up some items, but I can't find them now"
More Info: If you are carrying a Void Bag and your inventory is full, the Void Bag will automatically pick them up and put them in a private storage container. You can access this storage by using the Void Bag, or opening a Void Vault at home. If its not there, be sure to check that you did not put the item away with "Quick Stack to Nearby Chests" in any of your chests at home.

Issue: "I can't put some of my accessories into social slots"
More Info: Only accessories that can be visually seen on the player can be worn in Social Slots now. For example, Wings, Capes, or Boots. Accessories that have no visual display (Emblems, for instance) cannot be placed in these slots. We are looking into a way to more clearly communicate this in the future, but accessories which can be worn in Social Slots have special tooltip text indicating such.

Issue: "I can't find Enchanted Sword Shrines"
More Info: Enchanted Sword Shrines are now somewhat more rare. However, they now have a 100% chance to drop a weapon (before, it was only a 33% chance). Additionally, some Enchanted Sword Shrines no longer have the tunnel above them leading to the surface, so they may be more difficult to find. If you are looking for an Enchanted Sword, you could also try fishing for Gold/Titanium Crates, as they have a small chance of containing one.

Issue: "I destroyed a lot of orbs/hearts, but no meteors are falling"
More Info: Meteors now only spawn after Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu are defeated. After defeating them, every additional time you defeat them will increase the drop rate for the following night. This used to be caused by breaking more Orbs/Hearts, but as they are limited in number, you could only do this so many times.

Issue: "Zapinator's lasers are really weird"
More Info: This is intended.

Issue: "My Dungeon is really small"
More Info: There are some changes to Dungeon worldgen, you will want to look a little closer now.

Major Bugs that are confirmed fixed:
Issue: Players using some non-English PC Language settings (particularly Turkish) may have technical issues generating worlds
Present In: and earlier
Status: Fixed
Fixed In:
More Info: This issue causes the UI to vanish when generating worlds. Most commonly reported on PCs using Turkish language settings, but may be present on several other non-English language settings as well. Reports indicate that the worldgen process does actually proceed invisibly, and will eventually complete, with the worlds being fully functional. However, it may be confusing and cause people to think that the game froze.
Workarounds: Running your PC in English temporarily should resolve this issue. However, the issue should actually only be visual, and waiting out the world generation time should also work.

Issue: Characters dying (usually in multiplayer) and having several month/year long death timer
Present In:
Status: Known, fix pending for next version
Fixed In:
More Info: Currently, we believe this issue is usually caused as a result of dying in multiplayer servers that use some server add-ons. The majority of reports seem to indicate this, though there seem to be a few exceptions. The dead player "stays dead" with the timer slowly reducing, rendering the player effectively unusable. Regardless of the cause, we have a fix pending for the next update.
Workarounds: We have no known workarounds for this, but anyone who has this issue is welcome to send us a copy of their player file and we can test our fix early.

Issue: Block Swapping Cracked Tiles keeping cracks
Present In: All 1.4 Versions
Status: Known
Fixed In:
More Info: This issue is happening when you "crack" a tile by trying to block swap it, but finish the job with a pickaxe instead. When placing a block in that spot after, it will have the cracks from when you tried to block swap it.

Issue: Sticky Dynamite/Bombs not sticking
Present In: All 1.4 Versions
Status: Known
Fixed In:
More Info: A relatively simple bug, should be fixed soon. Sticky Bomb type items are not consistently sticking.

Issue: Team Nameplate Missing Health Bar/Location
Present In:
Status: Known
Fixed In:
More Info: This is an issue where Team Nameplates no longer show HP bars at all, and the location of Team Nameplates is too close to the center of the screen. Note that Full HP Bars are NOT intended to show anymore, but they are currently bugged and not showing at all.
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