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    Gives vanilla bosses an new extra phase after death that has a beefed up version of their normal moves. Oh and they also has new tricks up their sleeves.
    A lot of tricks.

    The name is based off of what the strongest spellcards from Touhou are called, Last words. They initially activated when fulfilling certain conditions are used after defeating the boss and are a bonus that does not affect the main run of the game. This is basically the concept of the mod.

    The mode can only be activated during expert mode with an item given to newly created characters.

    They are created with being difficult in mind, they have no time limit and provides a trophy, a sidegrade of their expert drop and very rarely, an extra powerful unbalanced one time use spell card, you know, for fun.

    Focused on singleplayer, absolutely buggy in multiplayer ( I havent tested it yet )

    Try it out, Latest version is on the Mod Browser.

    Currently only adds:

    Eye of Cthulhu
    This Massive Weakpoint of a boss has a weakpoint of its own.

    The trophy
    The cursed spirit given form

    The trophy

    Coming Soon: Plantera

    The rest of the bosses
    A new mechanic only active during Last Word fights that gives melee a legup during the fights(Grazing)

    An optional merchant town npc
    Special Thanks to:
    Matt - for making the base of this mod and for helping me with the coding.
    My IRL friend for being my guinea pig for this torturing device.
    I made this homepage so you can give me feedback or bugs and glitches I can iron out
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